Thursday, September 4, 2008

On a lighter note.. .. .. DINNER TIME

Tonight's dinner was impromtu ... and FUN. I forgot to lay out chicken, so it was a "what can we throw together" night. A friend recently sent me "Frogoroni", the most adorable frog pasta. Jo was itching to make homemade mac n' cheese, so we did!!! It was so much fun, measuring, pouring, stirring, and prepping dinner together. Jo learned to whisk and how to use the measuring cup. And we laughed and enjoyed eachothers company and the chance to spend that time together.

AND, it actually turned out good!!!!

We all sat down together and enjoyed the meal WE made. What a great impromtu night it was.. .. ..

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J and D waiting said...

I love homemade mac and cheese!!!! Yummy