Monday, September 8, 2008


No, not a typo.. .. .. Today was the boys annual physicals. First, the good news. Both boys can hear, but choose not to listen. Both boys can see, but choose not to look for anything! LOL. They passed all the markers for their ages and are BIG boys! Jo is 11 now and is 4'10" and 76 lbs. He was a little bummed.. .. .. he was hoping to be 5'. Soon, my dear, soon. Lo is 4 and 3'5" and 37 pounds. He was able to identify all his colors and all the animal pictures, complete with animated sound!! Dr. C got a kick out of that. Then the best news of the day came!! Hemoglobin checks and three shots each!

Oh, yes, the sarcasm is strong there. Jo is ... terrified ... of shots. The word shots and his eyes glassed over. Lo told him it would be okay, which he seemed to sincerely believe ... at that moment, anyways.

First was the hemoglobin shot. Lo go his in his toe. One prick and he started to whimper, but quickly got over it, thank goodness. Jo, on the other hand, started to panic and sweat beads. He was starting to cry about how scared he was when the nurse announced she was all done. LOL. Whew, one part down.. .. ..

OH but then it was big-shot time. Again, three each. Lo got one in the arm and one in each thigh. O.M.G.osh you'd think he was being murdered. I had to hold his little trembling body down as he said, "I don't get shots no more." Poor kid. He made it through, but the screams I swear signaled the police, CPS, and any dog listening within a five mile range. Next it was Jo's shots. Let me pretense this by saying Jo was sitting in the hallway, fetal position, with his hands over his ears during Lo's shots. Oi. So anyways, he comes in and has to lay on the table. I hold his arms to steady him and he pushes me and pops up. "I just need a second to breath, I can't breath!!" OH the drama. I finally get him to lay back down and he's crying and breathing heavy. "I'm going to die, I know it, I'm going to die." Okay, that just made me laugh. "You are NOT going to die, Jo. Suck it up." As I'm saying this she stabs shot #1 into the leg. 'OOOOOOOOhhhhh," moans out Jo.

Then he stops and says, "Hey that wasn't so bad." REALLY? Because I haven't been telling you the last 20 minutes it wouldn't be so bad??!! He says, "Okay, do it again." He starts making the most bizzare faces and we're both trying not to laugh. Needless to say the shots go quickly and easily and Jonah sits up and says, "That wasn't so bad." UGH!!

Good news is Jo doesn't need any more shots until he's 21. Thank goodness, especially since he predicts he'll still be terrified of shots. Lo has two more to get before school starts next year. To that he simply said, "I don't want to go to school anymore". Thank goodness it's 9 months away.. .. ..

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J and D waiting said...

Shots! ouch! I love the reactions the boys had. Entertaining.