Friday, September 5, 2008


So kids have an uncanny way of knowing when you need a giggle or reminder things will be okay. My boys delivered both to me even before 7:00 a.m. this morning.

First, my dear son Lo (4yrs old) crawls in to bed with me not-so-bright and early. He has something in his hand, though I'm not sure what. It's DARK in the room. Well, he slides it on his head ... it's a mask?? He starts breathing heavy and says, "I am your father." LMAO ... he found the Darth Vadar mask!! I almost peed the bed he had me laughing so hard. He was oblivious and just asked, "I did it right, Mom??" OH yes, sweetie, you did!! LMAO

On to Jo(11yrs old).. .. .. Well, he has no problem reminding me lately that he is NOT a kid, he is a "pre-teen". Oh geez, help me!! Well, on one hand it's great he's growing up and embracing this whole growing up thing. On the other it invokes unspeakable fear in me. Seriously, kids just slightly older than him are doing drugs, having sex, and having babies. Really, I can't just lock him up forever??!!

But Jo is a GOOD kid. He doesn't seem interested in those things (at least he says not) and has an air of innocence to him. Though you can't help but wonder what they talk about at school, what their mind is really thinking about. However, this morning I got a sweet reminder that he is still innocent and sweet. I was in my bathroom getting ready for work and the boys were watching cartoons together. I stopped what I was doing as I heard them singing together. It was the theme to the Wonder Pets!! LOL.

For that brief moment I had a sense of peace that YES, my boys were growing up, but even at 11 Jo wasn't too cool to sing along and enjoy the company of his baby brother. Maybe I do have hope for a few more years!!

So, I have added that to my memory bank so when things get hectic or frazzled I can stop and reflect on those moments and enjoy the little things life has to offer!!

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