Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My heart aches.. .. ..

I have a very good friend, someone I adore very much, who my heart aches for. She is a wonderful person. She has a heart of gold, is always there for her friends, is light, bubbly, grounded, and secure. She has a great relationship, a job she enjoys, a life that would be (is) admired. But she is just a fingertip away from her dreams, her true fulfillment she's waiting, longing, and hoping for.

I have been friends with her for almost two years. Through that time I have seen the roller coaster that she's been through. The ups and downs - and way downs - the hope, the disappointment, the frustration.

She has yet to give up, though. I know some days she is mentally and spiritually exhausted. She has such devotion and commitment and holds on to her dream, even when it seems intangible.

I admire her. I admire her spirit, her perseverance, her utter character. I hope and pray her dreams come to fruition and all these ups and downs, all these challenges, will be a small part of a bigger miracle.

I hope that she knows that she has a friend who aches with her, hopes with her, and will rejoice with her. I hope she knows she is never alone in her journey.. .. ..

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