Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Day Saturday!!

Tomorrow is a big day for the boys and me. We are going down to Fresno for the Walking with Dinosaurs show. YES, we were supposed to go Wednesday, but they were sold out. So I bought the tickets for the show tomorrow afternoon.

BEFORE the show we are going to have lunch with some very special friends. I have been very blessed to be adding a baby to an amazing family! The parents and I have become very close, but I've also been blessed to become close to both their families as well. The mom's brother and his family live in Fresno and we are going to go have lunch with them before the show. M & B are so wonderful and sweet and they have the CUTEST, sweetest little boys. Lo and M (their older son) have a great time playing together and little Z, who is almost one, is soooo cute and fun. I cannot wait to go spend time with them!!

Then the boys and I will have our "date" and go see the dinosaur show. Afterwards we'll grab a bite to eat and head home. I think it'll be a great day and I cannot wait to just have some out-of-the-house fun time together!!!

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