Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holy Poop

It's really been almost a month since I last posted?? No wonder Cyn called me out!! ((Hi Cyn!!))

Wow, I knew I'd been slacking, but not that much. I guess things have just been so hectic and busy that time slipped by. Hmph.

Well, things are going really well on my end of the world. The boys are doing good. Jonah had last week off for Spring break and is back into the swing of things this week. Logan has his good days and his bad days, which I've come to accept as normal for him. We're working on it and he is doing better.

Easter was good. I actually made Easter lunch and had my family over. We had ham, mashed potato's, green bean casserole, and banana pudding. It was a really good lunch and I was proud to have done it all by myself. After lunch the kids and I went with F out to his friends house. The boys were in heaven!! Other kids to play with!! LOL. We stayed for a few hours. Logan went swimming (yes, it was warm enough here, isn't that crazy??!!). Jonah played basketball with all the big boys (they are not men on the court, lol). And I got to meet all the other wives and significant others and start to meld into F's world. It was very nice.

The night before Easter we had an absolute blast. We went down to the Fresno Grizzlies (minor-league baseball) game!! It was so much fun!!! Logan's girlfriend Tatum (and her grandparents, my very close friends) went with us. Jonah's friend Kyle came along too. We all loaded into my car (which I LOVE by the way ... so nice to all ride together). The kids had an absolutely awesome time, dancing and cheering and laughing all night. It was such a treat!!

Other than those big highlights, things are just moving along nicely. There have been the normal ups and downs, but nothing worth getting worked up over. Which I guess is the biggest thing of all. In the last few weeks I have really realized how different I am now than I was this time last year.

How much stronger I am as a person. Little things don't bother me like they used to. I can shrug off things that used to rile me up. I take less for granted and appreciate the little things more. I am at peace and feel good about where I'm at. I am so much stronger than I was. I can handle so much more without the stress and worry. I am at a really really good place.

Maybe that's why I haven't blogged. ((NOT a good reason, I know)). I started this blog to help me through a very difficult time. To work through all the stress, anxiety, and fears. I am so much more at peace now. Maybe it's time for the blog to morph into a celebration of all the good instead of a ponderance of all that is. That was deep, huh?? LOL

Now that I expelled the last of the braincells of the morning ... Be back SOON!!!