Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the single digits!

Only 9 weeks left of this pregnancy. I am now in my 31st week and feeling good. I am walking a few nights a week with my friend Mary. We are doing 2 miles a night when we get out and it feels great, both for the body and the soul!! The girl-talk is great and the whole experience is refreshing! This little girl is full of energy and hiccups! She seems happy in there and I am getting some relief from the ligament pains. My weight gain is still slow and steady and besides the fatigue and heartburn I feel super!!

I was telling Nikki that I was getting so big. She didn't believe me so I sent her a pic to prove it.. .. ..

She responded that no, I am still small. I don't FEEL small, so I thought, "I'll prove it!!" and I put on my walking clothes and took another picture and sent it to her.. .. ..

I said, "See, I AM BIG!" I told her that in my "regular clothes" (size M non-maternity yoga capris and a size L non-maternity shirt) you could really see how big my belly is!! She so cleverly pointed out that I cannot be "BIG" at 31 weeks and still fitting into NON-Maternity clothes!!! Okay, why didn't I realize what an oxymoron that was going to be??!! LOL

SO I guess I conceed. I am not that big, but I AM growing!! Like I said, though, overall I feel fantastic and I cannot WAIT for this little girls family to meet her in just NINE short weeks!!!

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