Friday, October 17, 2008

A Pat on the Back and a THANK YOU!!

So I am kinda proud of myself today and finally BELIEVE I am making progress.. .. ..

Ever want to do something just to do it, knowing you probably shouldn't and will regret it, but still want to anyways??!! Yea, vague, I know, but the situation really isn't the point here.

Anywho. I was in one of those moments today. I could have done the knee-jerk reaction and just did it. But I stopped and thought about it. I petitioned the advice of friends (amazingly wonderful friends, btw) and I searched my head and heart first. I realized in doing so that going the quick and easy knee-jerk route could potentially hurt me a lot. I realized that nothing really would be accomplished by it. I also realized that I am the bigger person and have the power to walk away from it and be all the better for it.

SO I chose the last option. And - hot damn - it feels great. To know I have control over my emotions. Not just to talk the talk and say no one controls your reactions, moods, happiness, etc, but to really BELIEVE it and LIVE it!! Dang, it is an amazing feeling!!

SO what could have been a bad situation.. .. .. what could have caused me trouble.. .. .. what could have changed my outlook today DIDN'T because I HAVE CONTROL!!

Seriously, the high road IS the good road and feeling good because it's from the inside out is amazing!!

I had a friend today tell me that reading my blog made her realize only she can control if she has a good day or not. I hope soon she - and all my friends reading - get to experience it first hand !!!!

It really is simply amazing!! .. .. ..

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