Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So excited!!

Today was a goooood day. I was busy as a bee at work but that's okay. Good for job security (in this very uncertain time).


First, I found out my VERY deserving, WONDERFUL mommy-to-be friend is expecting TWINS!!! Her surrogate is 7w today and they saw the most beautiful little bugs in the belly!!! They are ADORABLE. In three more weeks they'll see them again!! And as soon as they can find out gender I am shopping!! hehe. I am so very excited for her and her husband. They are truly two of the sweetest people I have ever met and will be AMAZING parents!!!

Second, my boys are so lucky. Period. They are going to go visit MY grandparents this summer for a MONTH!! Jonah, of course, will be staying with his dad at the end of the summer, but Logan will be taking a ROAD TRIP with granny and pop to come home!! They will show him all kinds of cool things across country on their way home!

So I am scared and nervous, not having my boys for a month, but I am so happy for them. I was thinking, how many people even have their grandparents?? My boys are spending a month building memories with their GREAT grandparents. How amazing and awesome is THAT??!! I hope Logan does okay being gone that long ... he is a momma's boy, so.... but I think with his brother there he'll be okay. Hopefully. If not they may be shipping him home early!! haha. No matter what, it will be an adventure for both of them!


Heather Rodriguez said...

That is an adventure! How cool for them to be able to do that and have those memories when they are older! Dont forget to get them some disposable cameras!!

Jessaca said...

How did the wedding go?

J and D said...

A road trip with their Great Grandparents will be a great experience. They are lucky.

And the bugs are pretty beautiful. Thanks J for being their for us for the last few years.