Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And then the real world.

So the wedding planning is going very well. I started on the centerpieces yesterday and I must say, they are so pretty. I am having a ball with it! I don't think it will take too long to finish them up. It's fairly easy, but looks really nice. Tonight the bride-to-be will come over to give her seal of approval. Since I have a dozen finshed she better like them!! It's actually a lot of fun. If I could make a living of bridal/party planning and execution I soooo would. It's fun to be creative and help make someones special day what they dream it to be.. .. ..

Logan did better for all of a day. Monday he had no corners, yesterday he had four, we'll see what today holds. I just don't get the swings in his moods and why he cannot process and retain the simple fact that he NEEDS to quit being such a butt. Ugh, it's definitely a work in progress and hopefully it'll start WORKING soon.

Jonah is doing really well. I think he's split on moving again. This time because of F. He really likes him too and I think enjoys the male-bonding time. F does homework with Jo, plays guitar hero, and talks music with him. He makes Jo feel good and I wonder if that's not what is now making Jo second guess moving. Hell, F has taken a liking to him and even asked yesterday "how wrong would it be to try and convince him to stay?".

My life is going through the normal bump-and-grind as far as all that goes. But my friend isn't going through the normal stuff. At all. And I am worried about her but there isn't anything I can do. If she doesn't want to help herself I cannot force her. I can't make her do anything or work anything out. But it breaks my heart. I also feel bad because I know I add to her stress and that bothers me. I need to just step back and let her go through this. Though I wish she'd be more protactive to work through things. UGH, it's such a crappy situation. I honestly wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it all better.

But, it's life. The real world.

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