Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The 10% Pendulum

We had an interesting talk at lunch yesterday that I am still contemplating and mulling over. It was called the 10% Pendulum... So here's the theory:

We all have a 10% Pendulum in our personality. The "other" 10%. You know, the 10% most people will never know or see in you.... The stuff like ... freaky, weird habits, dark thoughts. You know the stuff that others would think "what the hell" if they knew about you. So the question we all posed was, does everyone have that 10% pendulum?? Does everyone have their dirty secrets? That one (or more) thing they wouldn't want others to know or maybe only share with a few?

I think ABSOFREAKINLUTELY. AND now that we talked about it I am cracking myself up. I look at others and think "What's their 10% pendulum swing??" I KNOW that others would be shocked to know my little secrets. I so do not look like "that person" or act like it. So now I wonder what other people carry inside.

Oh and the point was made that those who let it become the 90% rather than the 10% are our freaks and serial-killers of society. Hmmm, are we really that closely on the edge of being on the wrong side of social acceptability??

Okay, so I know this is weird ramblings. But really think about it. Think about YOUR 10%. About those around you. If nothing else, you'll get a laugh at what you make up about them!! = )


Cyn said...

I absolutely have a 10% that most people will never know-my husband knows about it and that is what makes him all the more special-his willingness to stay with me despite my 10%. I would also have to say that he has a greater than 10% that most don't know about.

How about this one-when the % of what people know changes from group to group. Group A knows about x,y,z. Group B knows l, m,n, but most don't know about a,b,c.

Jenn.. .. .. said...

See, I knew you had a 10% in you!! And you totally get it! I agree, your scenario throws a kick in there and I believe exists for sure!! Hmmm, the twisted ways of society and life!!